First steps

Two months before the Cup, here some news of our robot.

For electronics, we chose to gather intelligence in a Raspberry Pi 3. It will communicate with several units. This units are used to command actuator, to catch sensor’s data or to manage movements. The actuator driver units or sensor reader units are bought; however, they need, sometimes, a PIC for communication purposes (DaisyChain I2C bus between RPi and units). In order to have the best control, the movement manager unit is built with 3 dsPIC. The communication is also achieved by the I2C bus.

The robot will also be equipped with a beacon, in order to detect and avoid other robots. The beacon uses a FPGA structure and some ultrasound sensors for detection purpose.

The unbought cards have been designed by team’s members and then built in our partner lab: CEA Tech Grand Est. Finally, the PCBs have been soldered by the team. They are tested right now.

Unicorns regards,
Mamie Anchoise
[Papy Kpy’s translation]

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