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We are a group of eight young people being inspired by the Invisible Pink Unicorn:

  • Bob, our M
  • Bobby LP
  • Diva
  • John Nounours
  • Mamie Anchoise (Grandma Anchovy)
  • Papy Kpy (Granpa Kpy)
  • Perdu (You lost the game)
  • Tréma

In order to stave off boredom of our monotonous daily life, we decided to create our robotic team. With the aim to be a part of the French Robotic Cup. The rules of 2018 edition are available on the link below:

http://www.coupederobotique.fr/wp-content/uploads/C2018_Rules_final_FR.pdf (in French)

It is not our first participation to the cup, we were all be a part of the Robotic Club of INSA of Strasbourg. However, it is our first participation as Unicorns Riders.

Come to see us at La Roche-sur-Yon (France) on the week of May 8! Meanwhile, you can find some of us to robotic events. Indeed, a few are volunteer at Planète Science association and help the organisation for the Robotic Trophy (junior version of the cup).

Unicorns regards,
Mamie Anchoise.
[Papy Kpy’s translation]

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